Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About the Book Series

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I suppose that my first post should tell you a little something about the book, Memoirs of Daniel: Ascend. It is the first book in a series of six. The focus of the entire series is redemption and dignity. The story is told through the existence of an Angel called Daniel, who was chosen by his God to be the cleanser of human souls. In essence, Daniel is "the angel of death." He feels the pain that humans feel as they die and crossover into his world. It is from the humans' pain that Daniel questions their existence, and his own purpose.

In Ascend, Daniel's concern for his race (Celestia/Angels) grows paramount as he watches one of his brothers descend a downward spiral. Coupled with the ascension of a new Angel, Eileen, Daniel faces choices on his path of righteousness. Darkness looms all around Araboth (Heaven) as The Fallen brothers become more violent and greedy. Does Daniel follow the same steps as the Fallen brothers before him, or does he turn away from the only love he has known outside of his God?


Word Pages: 136
Approx. Book Pages: 116
Completed Chapter Count: 17
Next Chapter: Chapter Eighteen: Reassurance
Musical Preference: Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine
Excerpt: Daniel could feel concern wash over him and lowered his head further as his wings began to extend. “Your purpose is causing you to feel these things. I understand the difficulties that set you apart from the others. Each of you is unique. But you are the only one that can bring the peace that I seek for my people.”

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