Tuesday, August 24, 2010

General Update

It's been a productive couple of weeks! Considering that I find it hard to write more than two words on most days, the fact that I've completed another chapter and a quarter is fairly good. Of course, it helps when you're excited about writing the things that are happening. Chapter Nineteen opens up another plot point and really shows the multiple worlds that exist in my universe. Hopefully I'll be better able to communicate to the audience that the Celestia and their God are only one facet to the entire collection of infinity. And, also, it opens the series up for more books from different points of view! ... Not that I'm actively planning those or anything.... (except, I do have a rough outline happening in my head... ugh, someone stop me! :P)

The word wars that I've been having with Angeface (who is writing a pretty kick-ass version of Will Scarlet from the tales of Robin Hood) have really, really helped keep me focused and on-plot with the book. The encouragement does it all, really. And the fact that I know someone is reading and understanding my mass of ramble! XD Always helpful!

Anyhow, that's enough from me today. Lots to do!

Word Pages: 150
Approx. Book Pages: 128
Completed Chapter Count: 18
Next Chapter: Chapter Nineteen: Zenith and Philomitaea
Musical Preference: Classical; Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Bach, Beethoven
Excerpt: “The Ancients believe that they are superior to all beings. Philotimaea, where they dwell, is a place of pride and aristocracy. As long as you are respectful, there will be no problem.” - Gabriel

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