Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memoirs of Daniel: The Psychologist's Sofa

Jessica: Sitting in a squishy armchair with a notepad and a pen, peering over to Daniel as he lays on a black sofabed staring at the ceiling. "You're mad at me."

Daniel: "Anger is an obtrusive, human emotion."

Jessica: "But I felt it. You're mad at me for what's happening to Sam."

Daniel: "Samael chose his own path. There was little that you or I can do to stop that. Though, I'd assume that if Iridessa hadn't been brought into the story-"

Jessica: "Sam's a warrior, not a healer like you or Gabriel. It would have happened eventually."

Daniel: "Iridessa is the reason Sam became so protective."

Jessica: "No, he's protective because he loves all of you."

Daniel: Makes a noise of derision in his throat and rolls onto his side, facing the white wall. "I've watched many of the Celestia fall, but none has mattered more to me than this one."

Jessica: "He hasn't Fallen. Maybe he won't-"

Daniel: Turns his head and levels a glare at me. "Don't patronize me."

Jessica: "Look. You have a purpose. A big, huge, epic purpose. And I can't have you moping about like a sad little puppy because your bestie is choosing to go down a path you can't follow. Besides, it's not like you'll never see him again. I didn't kill him or anything."

Daniel: "May as well have done. It'll never be the same."

Jessica: Smiles. "No, it won't be. And that's the whole point."

Daniel: "I don't like where you're leading me. It doesn't feel right."

Jessica: "Your purpose is the whole book. The series. From this book to the very last. If you let me write this story the way that it needs to be written, including the next scene, then your story will be legendary."

Daniel: "But it won't make things right."

Jessica: "You're wrong. Your purpose is to make everythingright."

Call me batshit crazy. I don't care, because it worked. =P I have a feeling I'll be writing a bit of Memoirs of Daniel this weekend. Daniel and I seem to have come to some sort of... understanding. Thank God, because I was about to beat myself over the head with a brick just to get these next two scenes written. =P

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Through the Block!

Writing an entirely new species is just as daunting as it sounds. The writer's block that I suffered because of it was causing all sorts of doubt; was this story even worth finishing, was it any good at all, how in the world is this going to be believable? And then one, tiny click in my brain spurred on two chapters and has me back in optimistic seat. The thing about writing the Ancients is that they are mine. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of them before, or if they have a gazillion heads (they don't!), I created them and so their believable lies in my ability to make the readers see them. After coming to that conclusion, it was fairly easy to whip out the chapters that introduced them to the story. Because, while they aren't very important in this book, they are very important in upcoming books in the series. :)

I've reached the climax of the book now. Daniel has received some devastating news and Eileen has witnessed a piece of Daniel's intricate background with the Ancients. Plus, if anyone is paying attention, they get to find out the details surrounding Abaddon's fall and what happened around the time that Iridessa ascended. All important things.

I feel so accomplished when I know that I have successfully sprinkled clues into the story. Never thought I was going to be any good at that! :)

Stats time!

Word Pages: 164
Approx. Book Pages: 141
Completed Chapter Count: 20
Next Chapter: Chapter Twenty One: Grief
Musical Preference: Rob Thomas (acoustic/soft), Our Lady Peace, Ben Harper
Excerpt: A whirlwind of colors whizzed around him as he spun with [Cybele] in circles. In the distance he could hear Eileen’s giggles, and every so often he would catch the windblown wisps of her light hair traipsing around him. There was something delicious in the carelessness he felt. Something freeing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Channeling Daniel

It takes a lot of effort to find yourself in the mind of another person. Such is the life's effort of an author. But, Daniel is no ordinary person. He is not only filled with pain and confusion, but contempt and hope. Inside of the heart of this patron of the humans is a curiousity that plagues the roots of his very ambition, his driving force. No longer is he blind to the faults of those he holds dear, nor is it possible for him to find perfection in himself. With every wave of pain that floods him when he saves a soul, a new laceration marks his mind. Each eventual scar indicative of the torment that drives him to his destiny.

That, ladies and gents, is not the easiest character to write. To write a hero threatened by the darkness, only to find promise in the light is not a goal I am seeking to achieve. Rather, to write a hero that is consumed by himself and with his struggle for understanding, who finds himself condemned in the light and shunted further into the darkness. To find the answers he seeks by traveling the road set out before his existence even began.

Daniel intends on earning the title of Savior.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Setting the Standard

Every time that I go to Borders, or Amazon or Barnes & Noble, I see a new fiction novel about Angels, or Thrones, and I automatically tense. When I started developing the idea for Memoirs of Daniel, I was happy to know that the world of fictional angels was marginal in comparison to, say, vampires, werewolves or even fairies. The beauty of my idea, then, was that it was new, fresh and uncliched.

Heh. Nearly four years have passed since the brainstorming of Memoirs of Daniel began and I can safely say that I am terrified the first big "hit" for Angels will make it out before mine gets published. You know how it goes: Harry Potter owns wizards, Twilight owns vampires (yeah yeah yeah, I know.). If a book about angels ever gets big before my book is published, I then have to meet certain standards, and exceed them greatly.

That just can't work for me. I like to set the standards. I like to be at the top of the rope. So, now I'm resolved to have this book absolutely complete and shipped off to hundreds of agents no later than January 2, 2011. Because the thought of having to live up to someone else's standards is beginning to drive me insane. :D