Sunday, September 12, 2010

Channeling Daniel

It takes a lot of effort to find yourself in the mind of another person. Such is the life's effort of an author. But, Daniel is no ordinary person. He is not only filled with pain and confusion, but contempt and hope. Inside of the heart of this patron of the humans is a curiousity that plagues the roots of his very ambition, his driving force. No longer is he blind to the faults of those he holds dear, nor is it possible for him to find perfection in himself. With every wave of pain that floods him when he saves a soul, a new laceration marks his mind. Each eventual scar indicative of the torment that drives him to his destiny.

That, ladies and gents, is not the easiest character to write. To write a hero threatened by the darkness, only to find promise in the light is not a goal I am seeking to achieve. Rather, to write a hero that is consumed by himself and with his struggle for understanding, who finds himself condemned in the light and shunted further into the darkness. To find the answers he seeks by traveling the road set out before his existence even began.

Daniel intends on earning the title of Savior.

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