Saturday, September 4, 2010

Setting the Standard

Every time that I go to Borders, or Amazon or Barnes & Noble, I see a new fiction novel about Angels, or Thrones, and I automatically tense. When I started developing the idea for Memoirs of Daniel, I was happy to know that the world of fictional angels was marginal in comparison to, say, vampires, werewolves or even fairies. The beauty of my idea, then, was that it was new, fresh and uncliched.

Heh. Nearly four years have passed since the brainstorming of Memoirs of Daniel began and I can safely say that I am terrified the first big "hit" for Angels will make it out before mine gets published. You know how it goes: Harry Potter owns wizards, Twilight owns vampires (yeah yeah yeah, I know.). If a book about angels ever gets big before my book is published, I then have to meet certain standards, and exceed them greatly.

That just can't work for me. I like to set the standards. I like to be at the top of the rope. So, now I'm resolved to have this book absolutely complete and shipped off to hundreds of agents no later than January 2, 2011. Because the thought of having to live up to someone else's standards is beginning to drive me insane. :D

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