Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Through the Block!

Writing an entirely new species is just as daunting as it sounds. The writer's block that I suffered because of it was causing all sorts of doubt; was this story even worth finishing, was it any good at all, how in the world is this going to be believable? And then one, tiny click in my brain spurred on two chapters and has me back in optimistic seat. The thing about writing the Ancients is that they are mine. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of them before, or if they have a gazillion heads (they don't!), I created them and so their believable lies in my ability to make the readers see them. After coming to that conclusion, it was fairly easy to whip out the chapters that introduced them to the story. Because, while they aren't very important in this book, they are very important in upcoming books in the series. :)

I've reached the climax of the book now. Daniel has received some devastating news and Eileen has witnessed a piece of Daniel's intricate background with the Ancients. Plus, if anyone is paying attention, they get to find out the details surrounding Abaddon's fall and what happened around the time that Iridessa ascended. All important things.

I feel so accomplished when I know that I have successfully sprinkled clues into the story. Never thought I was going to be any good at that! :)

Stats time!

Word Pages: 164
Approx. Book Pages: 141
Completed Chapter Count: 20
Next Chapter: Chapter Twenty One: Grief
Musical Preference: Rob Thomas (acoustic/soft), Our Lady Peace, Ben Harper
Excerpt: A whirlwind of colors whizzed around him as he spun with [Cybele] in circles. In the distance he could hear Eileen’s giggles, and every so often he would catch the windblown wisps of her light hair traipsing around him. There was something delicious in the carelessness he felt. Something freeing.

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