Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unexpected Plotting

Well. Today has been interesting. You see, back when MoD first began, it was a simple story of the Angel of Death trying to make sense of his purpose because of his outlandish curiosity. Last year during the third rewrite, it spun into a tale of an Angel named Daniel (after first being called Michael and then Gabriel) who had witnessed so much bad, he wondered if everything was destined to be ruined. And now, a year later, Daniel is the hero that I never imagined him to be. His destiny is the same as it always was, but the path that he's taking to get there is changing drastically. He's given me terms to follow, and as his author, I intend to follow him, instead of forcing him down the direction I think is best. Hopefully it's more powerful this way, I don't know. :P

Anyhow. Last week, I began reading Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, for a bit of Christian mythos on Angels and the Book of Enoch. Now, what you must realize is that I've been reading many books over the last four years to help in researching my own; The Atlas of Past Times, Ancient Greece, Battles that Changed History and The History of Christianity to name a few. Throw in researching old lore and legend, on top of different religious beliefs and its structure. Everything has help build where I am today.

But, Prophet's book has helped me unlike the others before it. My story - this thing that I've been nurturing for four years - has been seriously lacking in its ability to connect what has happened to what is destined to happen. A fact that has put me off my writing all year. I had all of these events that had to happen in my mind, but they were all disjointed. Solitary. There was no need for a 100k page novel to tell them all. They could easily survive on as short stories - very short, but related, stories.

Now, however, the entire story is connected in a way that I didn't think was possible. It will take a little bit of editing to the beginning of the book - mostly with minor details and certain observations of Daniel - but what has happened is so important to the story that without these minor changes, the book won't be as epic as I imagine it.

Where Celestia and the Fallen were never connected, now they are. Where there was never a good enough reason for the Angels to fall, now there is. Where characters were never connected and had no reason to do what they've done, now they do.

I am feeling so compelled to finish this story now, it's unreal.

So, I have to give a very, very sincere thank you to David's mum for gifting me with Prophet's book for my birthday. To David, who let me bounce the ideas off of him and encouraged me with more. To Angeface, who curtails my ADD and forces me to get off of Facebook when we word war. And to everyone who is encouraging me to finish this... I am definitely not going to let you down now. :D I'm starting chapter 24 today, and I anticipate finishing the book in a matter of weeks.

Until then, check out these stats:

Word Pages: 225
Approx. Book Pages: 162
Completed Chapter Count: 23
Next Chapter: Chapter Twenty Four
Musical Preference: Bon Iver, Bush, Safetysuit, etc.
Excerpt: “Don’t – don’t you dare take his name in vain.” Daniel was fuming, his eyes narrowed and wet. His hair was falling into his face and his muscles were twitching with fury. “She’s just a girl. A human girl.”

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  1. Hi Jessi this is Anne. It';s so fascinating to read about your research and behind-the-scenes tidbits regarding your story. It's interesting how characters can take on a life (and a mind) of their own and start dictating to you how their story should go. I look forward to seeing where Daniel decides to take you on this intriguing journey:)