Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update, Count and Excerpt!

Daniel has been fighting me every step of the way with the recent chapters. If you've been keeping up, you know that I am in climax number three of the book - that's right, I said number 3. There are still two more major climaxes to come, and a ton of leads into the next book. But, not before we finally figure out what is happening to Samael. :) So excited to continue!!! About 9 more chapters to go!!

Also! If you actually read this, you'll be the firsts to know that the book title has changed! Memoirs of Daniel: Ascend is now Memoirs of Daniel: Descent. That's right - completely opposite. Because I'm awesome like that.

Word Pages: 211
Approx. Book Pages: 152
Completed Chapter Count: 22
Next Chapter: Chapter Twenty Three: Forgiveness
Musical Preference: Bon Iver, Bush, Safetysuit, etc.
Excerpt: “No.” It was Eileen that spoke then, her voice lacking the quaver that Daniel was sure would have betrayed him. Her hand left his and she stepped around him. “He vowed loyalty to a heathen race. The Titans have no loyalty to Araboth. Sam made a choice, not a mistake.”