Monday, November 1, 2010

Official NaNoWriMo Kick Off!

Well, it's that time of year again, folks! 50k words in 30 days. I have to admit, I kicked off WriMo a few days early, and intend to finish a few days early as well... I've got 10,055 words since I started on Tuesday, just where I'm supposed to be after 6 days. So, the stats on official day one!

Any encouragement would be very, very kindly welcome. You have no idea how frustrating it gets to write day after day after day after day and feel like you're not getting anywhere. So - hot coffee at midnight, surprise food-drops, and anecdotes are all appreciated through the month of November! :D

Word Count: 58,824
Word Pages: 237
Approx. Book Pages: 168
Completed Chapter Count: 23
Next Chapter: Chapter Twenty Four: Nephilim
Musical Preference: Lifehouse, Aerosmith, Bob Segar
Excerpt: “Begged. The night before we fought. He begged for me to kill him.”