Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blanking at the End

Whoa. I made a huge push since the last time I updated MoD. Last update - 4 days ago - I only had 69k. Thank you NaNo for the motivation to write more.

That said, the book is quickly coming to its end and I find myself filled with excitement and a wee bit of sadness. There are still more books about Daniel to come, but this one is the stepping block for the others. It's the book in which we first meet Daniel and his brethren, the different worlds that exist in the expanse of infinity, and really get to feel what this series is going to be about. (Trust me, I've slaved over that feeling for four years).

I'm finding it very difficult to think about the end of the novel. I know what is going to happen, how it's going to happen and how the next book starts. Writing it, however, is painstaking. Like someone is taking my brain hostage and refusing to allow me to finish.

I'm sure all it will take is to get "in the zone," but really, I didn't think it would be this difficult to get to the end.

On another, more awesome and positive note: I was contacted by Cortnee Howard, founder and editor-in-chief, at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog about becoming one of their staff contributors. I did accept, because, really, how freaking cool is that?! Seriously, when I first got the email, I looked like a psychopath and then immediately updated Facebook with caps lock status updates about how excited I was about the whole thing. Kind of glad they couldn't see that. Probably wouldn't have come off as very, uh, professional. Not that I think they're stuffy by any means... but it's the rule of thumb to always present yourself as NOT CRAZY when you first speak to people. Something I have trouble with everyday. :P

I don't have all of the details yet, but what I do know is that I'll be posting an article of sorts at least once a week about the tumultuous experience of an upandcoming author. Of course, I've already been trying to go through ideas of what I'd actually write, since immediately upon accepting their generous offer my mind went blank. Ha. The incredible mind of Jessi at its best once again.

Just in case Cortnee, or any of the other staff/contributors over at BDCWB, see this blog posting: thank you again for the opportunity and I'm very sorry, in advance, that I'm batshit crazy. :)

I definitely need to develop that whole brain-to-mouth thought filter people keep telling me about.

Stats time!!

Word Count: 73,798
Word Pages: 294
Approx. Book Pages: 295
Completed Chapter Count: 28
Musical Preference: Anberlin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Something Corporate
Excerpt: After a moment of quiet deliberation and threat from Daniel’s narrowed eyes, Tobiah allowed them passage into Araboth. “I don’t like doing this, you know.”

“None of us like what we’re doing,” Daniel mumbled, trudging forward without pause.

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